Aglaonema Siam Aurora red. Built with Volusion. A gorgeous container plant or if you live where the frost is light and infrequent - and you know who you are and just so you know, we hate you - then this is fine out in the garden. Drymonia chiribogana. Begonia sizemoreae. This rhizomatous species has leaves variably marked in pale patterns topside and varying shades of red beneath. Light pink flowers and leaves covered in light red hairs and is a rhizomatous type suited for milder gardens in the PNW if mulched in winter. Click the plant name to view more information and photos. Begonia sizemoreae. Our collection from Asia from a mountain range little explored by westerners. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! A gorgeous container plant or if you live where the frost is light and infrequent - and you know who you are and just so you know, we hate you - then this is fine out in the garden. Large green leaves stippled in evenly spaced pale hairs and small flowers pink in bud and on the reverse, opening to nearly white with the gentlest of pink touching the face. taxid:212813 Begonia aff. | Ficus ruginervia $ 14 $ 8 Read more; Triolena pileoides $ 30 Read more; Marcgravia sp. Staggeringly good foliage Begonia collected by Ozzie Johnson at Bai Dat Sun in northern Vietnam. aff. nov. (Lens and Tisun 82), tangential section illustrating tall rays with mainly upright ray cells (arrows). A Hinkley collection from Vietnam of this stunning foliage species whose bullate rumpled leaves are covered in imposing bristle-like hairs. Please observe this note on Nomenclature for an explanation of the sometimes fanciful naming system. Pink flowers play peekaboo in the foliage. Hardiness is unknown but we would mulch it well in zone 8 gardens. Chad. debaoensis Begonia aff. evansiana ‘Claret Jug’ Begonia grandis ssp. mendumae (Mtn's Select form 1) Int - Warm From humid Sulawesi (terrarium culture) SKU: item-1584. The pink flowers are just another layer of adornment as we are always completely satisfied with the leaves alone. cauliflora , cross-section through basal stem part showing narrow wood cylinder (arrow). This Begonia found a tenuous asylum between boulders. 4 is Schefflera taiwaniana 5 is a Schefflera, I have it as S.enneaphylla. $75.00. The big "angel wing" leaves are a rich carmine underneath and with some sun, the upper surface of the leaves start to smolder a bit with muted bronze-purple tones. That said, a customer told his that he mulches his deeply and it has survived our worst winters. 共有161個搜尋結果 - 露天拍賣從價格、銷量、評價綜合考量,為您精選和begonia ... 多肉 仙人掌 雨林 秋海棠 賽茲摩爾秋海棠 Begonia sizemoreae. miniata; Begonia grandis (T) Begonia grandis aff. ignorata Begonia aff. A collection by Hinkley from Myanmar at 9000' of this handsome species with nicely patterned leaves. A gorgeous container plant or if you live where the frost is light and infrequent - and you know who you are and just so you know, we hate you - … This has been hardy here in the zone 8 Puget Sound with winter mulch. Begonia aff. Impressive hardy begonia collected by Ozzie Johnson on Emei Shan in Sichuan. Begonia aconitifolia 24/03/2011 21:04, vu 204 fois - 222092 - Begonia aff pedatifida 07/06/2009 23:39, vu 191 fois - 114400 - Begonia angularis 01/08/2008 09:19, vu 208 fois - 266818 - Begonia aptera 21/09/2009 21:05, vu 215 fois - 170499 - Begonia arborescens 19/01/2009 18:48, vu 772 fois - 169051 - Begonia asperifolia CHB07.CH85 See more ideas about Begonia, Plants, Species. evansiana; Begonia grandis subsp. Flowers are either pink or white - memory has failed but can say definitively they are not blue. Out of Stock. Hardiness unknown yet but the mantra of grow until you can split it then try outside mulching like heck for winter applies. Dormant in winter and coming back from tubers in early summer. On the morning of the 6. th. nova or [not yet formalised] tamaulipana. sizemoreae A Hinkley collection from Vietnam of this stunning foliage species whose bullate rumpled leaves are covered in imposing bristle-like hairs. This can get to 5' or so and easy to cut back a bit to overwinter inside. Asian seed collection from an area denuded of woody plants for firewood and hungry small goats. Borneo Andinia Andinia nummularia Alsobia Alsobia dianthiflora Anthurium Anthurium clidemioides Anthurium effusipathum Anthurium gracile Anthurium scandens … Fragrant Apricot Begonia 'Fragrant Beauty' light coral 41*, 43 160* 25, 127 131*, 210-211 'Fragrant Nectarine Rose' not found in iBegonias; found B. EEB Greenhouse Alpha Collections List. I don't think multinervia is supposed to do the 'second ring' of smaller leaflets thing. Begonia Billbergia Caladium Calathea magnifica zebrina 1 Columnea Cryptanthus fosterianus Dracontium spruceanum ... sizemoreae Brownea macrophylla cupreata Vriesea barclayana trulla englerianum alba gargoyla brysiana f. alba ... vespa aff aromatisada villae-rosae brachypus yellow #1 contorta cuprea 1 falkenbergii flosculata #1 Dieffenbachia tricolor. doloisii Begonia aff. Begonia cf. A species not fully trialed for hardiness but we are speculating zone 8b or a little less with judicious applications of mulch for winter freezing. Begonia Billbergia Caladium Calathea magnifica zebrina 1 Campyloneurum muscifolium Columnea Cryptanthus fosterianus ... sizemoreae Brownea macrophylla cupreata verschaffeltii 4 burgundy Vriesea barclayana pecten-veneris trulla ... cumingii aff 003127 dearei 003051 x self Ceroxylon parvifrons stenochila 001176 bullenianum fairchildiae This would be a trial lamb. breviramosa Forrest 138 (misspelling). A tuberous species allied to Begonia taliense and differing mainly in the shallow lobes of the leaves. An impressive cane-type Begonia hybrid with luscious foliage. A Dan Hinkley collection from Mt Emei and touted as being hardy to Z7 but only by those in serious zonal denial. B, Begonia aff. palmata DJHM13008. Fast & Free shipping on many items! 14 is indeed Roldana aschenborniana. Upright stems to 10"-18" with pink flowers. A gorgeous container plant or if you live where the frost is light and infrequent - and you know who you are and just so you know, we hate you - then this is fine out in the garden. Mulch if winter is wicked. | brevirimosa Forrest 138 (species), Begonia cf. D, Begonia sp. Jul 11, 2016 - Explore Asiatic Green's board "Begonias for sale" on Pinterest. Qty Avail: 0. Large tan-green leaves with later than 5 o'clock shadow of red hairs. Long stems gloriously hirsute in red hairs hold broadly rounded palmate leaves whose upper surface is studded with carefully spaced green hairs and the underside veins bristle darkly. A collection of this rhizomatous species from Hubei by Dan Hinkley which has proven hardy thus far in mild PNW gardens when mulched during the short arctic blasts that keeps Seattle from growing the same plants as San Francisco. nov. (Lens and Tisun 78), cross-section at the stem base showing marked wood cylin- der with tall rays. Regular price $18 00 $18.00. andersonii Begonia aff. Another one of those shouldn't-be-hardy-but-is begonias. Acostea Acostea species Cerro Azul Acranthera Acranthera sp. Excellent long-fingered foliage to 18" tall cloak the pink flowers which are a nice hidden surprise in late summer. centrispina n.n. umbellata $ 28 $ 18 Read more; Mikania gauco $ 30 Read more; Sale! This is native to SW Sichuan and the Zhongdian Plateau in Yunnan. albilanata - guerrero avila-camachoi bernalensis cadereytensis MG584 coahuilense SB699 compressa MT276 confusa Z202 - ocotlan, oaxaca flavovirens Rog 486 formosa Rog496 - Zacatecas gigantea Rog170 hanniana v. wedermanniana klissingiana knuthii (syn haageana … A rhizomatous species that has been hardy in mild PNW gardens especially if mulched in winter with something airy yet insulating. Ideally, overwinter frost-free until large enough to divide off a piece for trial outside in your garden. Begonia grandis ‘Alba’ Begonia grandis supsp. A low and densely clumping species with bright pink flowers late in summer. 'Ruby' Gladiola (Gladiolus papilio 'Ruby'), Creeping Honeysuckle (Lonicera crassifolia). Mark Weathington of the Raulston Arboretum at NCSU introduced this goody from Taiwan. Good in containers although I wouldn't let the pots freeze solid. $45.00. C, Begonia sp. Belamcanda chinensis ‘Hello Yellow’ Bergenia ‘Eroica’ Bergenia … This makes a nice clump and can be left in the garden over winter. Flowers white if memory serves. Shop great deals on Begonia Houseplants. A Hinkley collection of this rhizomatous Begonia from 9500' in the far eastern Himalaya. A collection from Asia from an area rarely visited by westerners. Begonia U485 Begonia U512 Begonia U540 Begonia cf. C, Begonia sp. taxid:200087 Begonia cf. Marcgravia aff. Begonia Natural Hybrid (decora x venusta) Globba sp. This makes a fine clump to 20" tall in a container, more than holding its own with just foliage but the late season white flowers are welcome frosting on this particular Begonia cake. Le begonia Dregei var Dregei que m'avait envoyé Jacqueline. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. All Rights Reserved. Hardy to zone 8 with a little mulch in winter. Attractive foliage with red hues and veins underleaf and we presume, pink flowers. Begonia grandis. A very interesting new addition to the hardy Begonia palette as this has a different look than what one usually sees. Rhizomatous species from southern China with excellent foliage colored light red on the underside and olive-buff green on top with a ring of silver-white spots just in from the margin. Dalechampia spathulata aff. taxid:212815 Begonia acutifolia (species), Begonia acutifolia Jacq. One of our better collections for sure. 2020/03/30 - Pinterest で Tomoji Tsuchiya さんのボード「シダ」を見てみましょう。。「シダ, 植物, シダ植物」のアイデアをもっと見てみましょう。 A Hinkley collection from Vietnam of this stunning foliage species whose bullate rumpled leaves are covered in imposing bristle-like hairs. Regular price $25 00 $25.00. chaiana Begonia aff. kinabaluensis Begonia aff. A gorgeous container plant or if you live where the frost is light and infrequent - and you know who you are and just so you know, we hate you - then this is fine out in the garden. Regular price $45 00 $45.00. Begonia sizemoreae Begonia smaragdina Begonia smithiana Begonia socotrana Begonia sodiroi Begonia soli-mutata ... Begonia x corallina Begonia x feastii Begonia x marobogneri Begonia x ricinifolia ... Boswellia aff. Scalloped $ 28 Read more; Philodendron joepii Read more; Begonia cleopatrae $ 24 Read more; Solanum cf. Begonia dregei Begonia geranioides Begonia homonyma Begonia sutherlandii Begonia sect. All Rights Reserved. | Flowers white if memory serves. Terms. Add To Cart. This comes from Mt Emei in China and does fine here in our PNW zone 8 moist shaded gardens especially if you mulch it. Terms, 'Ruby' Gladiola (Gladiolus papilio 'Ruby'), Creeping Honeysuckle (Lonicera crassifolia), Begonia emeiensis DJHC98479 - Nursery Pick Up Only. Listing generated on Fri, 05 Jun 2020 02:01:01 -0400 Begonia 'Orococo' Begonia 'Garden Angel Blush' PP25215. Narrow blade leaves are maculated in white and the upright stems bear small pink flowers in mid to late summer. ... Begonia imperialis. Regular price $20 00 $20.00. Int - Warm Med-large Vietnamese species with reddish leaves and whiskers! brachyandra. One of the rhizomatous types allied to palmata which we expect will have hardiness down into zone 8 especially if mulched. Good soil that retains moisture in shade to filtered light and everyone will be happy. we began a trek ... Begonia sizemoreae, Lindera, Dendro-panax, Sarcococca coriacea and several rhododendrons. Begonia sizemoreae "Red" DJHV1316. taxid:200105 Begonia sp. Begonia emiensis DJH98479. Privacy Policy Brilliant red undersides and a burnished upper surface to the leaves are meant to go with the white flowers. Forrest 154 (species). © Copyright 2015 Far Reaches Farm. We have not flowered this yet but are putting a lot of chips on the table for either pink or white. Quick View. Australes Begonia boliviensis Begonia chrysantha Begonia cinnabarina Begonia clarkei Begonia germaineana Begonia heliantha Begonia krystofii Begonia micranthera Begonia pearcei Begonia phantasma Begonia … | Begonia 'Cotton Candy' ... Begonia aff. Mulch in winter zones 8a-7b. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy. Begonia coccinea (C) Begonia conchifolia f. rubrimacula; Begonia dregei (T) Begonia dregei 'Glasgow' (T) Begonia emeiensis; Begonia foliosa var. Built with Volusion. Begonia sp. Increases well. Lovely deeply lobed leaves liberally spotted in white and the late season pink flowers play well with the foliage. A very handsome hardy tuberous Begonia with orange flowers of which it is obviously very proud of as it is not shy about displaying them. aff. Privacy Policy Toward the end of the trip on October 14th Scott and I headed to Ban Quan to visit the impressive grove of the very rare Aesculus wangii. Hardy if you plant it in the ground - it won't be happy with you if you let it freeze it in its pot. Yes indeed it is a hardy Begonia. Shop a huge online selection at 2 is the Dahlia aff tubulata; or aff pteropoda or sp. >FRAILEA buenekeri ssp. ameero Boswellia ameero Boswellia bhau-dajiana Boswellia bullata Boswellia carteri 28) Begonia sizemoreae 29) Calceolaria pavonii 30) Aloe arborescens 'Variegata' Please people offer some more suggestions - even if only one each or I'm going to have to concede that I am not only a hopeless plant geek, but that I am a uniquely sad one with no one else joining in. ... 預購 一日到貨 Begonia aff. Begonia cf. Globba sp. sinensis (T) Begonia grandis 'Heron's Pirouette' Begonia grandis 'Sapporo' Begonia grandis subsp. But for that one cold week we could be growing this Begonia under flowering Puya. Shayne Chandler's collection from Vietnam of this assuredly tender but most enchanting Begonia. >MAMMILLARIA albata - San Vincente albata BZ53 - Buenavista, SLP albilanata ssp. Good leaves lowers not seen or perhaps more truthfully, not remembered but will go out on a limb and say pink or white. A Hinkley collection from Vietnam of this stunning foliage species whose bullate rumpled leaves are covered in imposing bristle-like hairs. Hefty heads of small pink flowers just keep coming for a long display. (authority). palmata GBG 002-089-95 (species). U577 ‘Green’ Begonia sp. subsp. © Copyright 2015 Far Reaches Farm. Pendulous white flowers are small but wow with calyces bearded thickly in Viking red. sizemoreae DJHV 13160 A Hinkley collection from Vietnam of this stunning foliage species whose bullate rumpled leaves are covered in imposing bristle-like hairs. holostyla ‘Silver Spotted’ Begonia grandis ssp. An attractive plant with late season pink flowers and well worth trying in a sheltered spot. aff. This rhizomatous species looks tender as all get out but has overwintered in a number of Zone 7b gardens - admittedly not 7b for weeks at a time but still - heck yeah! This has reasonable hardiness as it grows up to 2600 meters and is excellent in zone 8 gardens especially if you winter mulch. We easily overwinter this in a cool greenhouse. Eye-catching species from China with palmate leaves spritzed with white on top and a bright maroon underneath. A Shayne Chandler collection from China of this most attractive species which has proven hardy in his garden as well as the equally mild garden at Heronswood both which are zone 8b. Qty Avail: 0. SKU: item-1590. We spent the night in the jungle. Regular price $18 00 $18.00. sinensis ‘Snow Pop’ Belamcanda chinensis. Out of Stock. Hardiness is also unknown but would guess a warm zone 8 with a good winter blanket of mulch in colder zone 8 at least until more is known. B, Begonia aff. This is slow to go in the spring, waiting until June but it catches right up. A Hinkley collection from China. 'Nectarine Rosa Begonia' 'Fragrant Queen' 'Fragrant Spice' 'Frances Hunter' 'Frances Lyons' francisiae fran ç oisii Shown as B. francoisii var. aka Beastie Begonia. cauliflora, cross-section through basal stem part showing narrow wood cylinder (arrow). U577 ‘Dark’ Begonia U602 Begonia U606 Begonia U632 Begonia U639 Begonia U641 Begonia U667.

begonia aff sizemoreae

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