Yes, the Excess¹ is subject to prevailing GST. If you retain your existing vehicle and buy another one, you can choose to transfer the NCD from the existing vehicle to the newly purchased vehicle. You need to prove that the other party is liable for the accident before you can file a claim against him / her. This policy is protected under the Policy Owners' Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). If you own more than one vehicle, you may decide which vehicle to apply your NCD. The maximum NCD we will grant is 20% for motorcycles and commercial vehicles. There are a number of ways you can save on your motorcycle insurance, including: Be a safe rider. NTUC Income is Singapore's leading provider of Life, Health, Travel & Car Insurance as well as savings, investment and retirement plans. Hence, you can be assured of high quality of repair. A transfer of ownership letter from LTA, sales agreement or a scrap certificate, etc.). This is the industry practice among all insurers. The other party may make the report in his favour. and NTUC Plus! You must complete your accident report by the end of the next working day of the accident. You will need to ensure that the private settlement form is duly filled up and signed by both parties. ... NTUC Travel Insurance. What are my claim options if I am not at fault for the accident? Which class of Motor Insurance can I purchase online? Group Personal Accident Insurance for Students, Group Insurance for Childcare Centres & Kindergartens, Group Personal Accident for Ministry of Education (MOE) Personnel. This is for general information only. What is the pre-repair inspection requirement of the Non-Injury Motor Accidents (NIMA) Protocol? Alternatively, you can reach out to our Customer Service Officers at 6788 6616 or email us at Founded in 1970, the company makes insurance accessible to all Singaporeans and has grown to become one of the leading insurance providers in the country. It is important to disclose relevant information in your application so that the risks can be assessed accurately. Upon successful payment confirmation, you will receive a confirmation email which includes a link for you to view your policy document. Yes, we will handle the claim according to the policy terms and conditions. The policy contract will be issued when your application is accepted. There are certain conditions whereby the benefits under this plan will not be payable. How to save on your NTUC motorcycle insurance policy. I decided to purchase an Assist Rider for my existing NTUC Enhanced IncomeShield Advantage plan. Code history for NTUC Income. You can purchase both Private Car Insurance and Motorcycle Insurance online. However, if the claim recovery is not successful, your NCD will be affected. $2.95 Offer Home Insurance from $2.95 per month Details . Is the Excess under the policy subject to GST? This is a 24/7 emergency response unit ensuring the safety of and helping riders. Autoshield is the leading company specializing in Car Insurance that has served more than 100,000 private/ business owners on their private/ commercial insurance needs. Need to make changes to your existing Motorcycle Insurance policy? D2C Motorcycle. For more information on this policy, please download the If I am the owner of the motorcycle and do not have a driving license, will I be covered under the policy when I subsequently obtain my license? There will not be any hardcopy mailed to you. My Primary rider wishes to buy a motorcycle under his/ her name. All Income Quality workshops will help you to file your claim against the third party. The letter should state the number of accident-free years whilst you were insured with them. What happens if I am still servicing my vehicle loan with a finance company? Depending on the risk profiles of the riders, the premium may remain the same, increase or decrease. No, you do not have to make another report. Can I transfer the NCD to him / her? The following table shows how the NCD is determined by most insurers in the industry. What happens if I have some issues with the repair? Income’s panel of Quality workshops is appointed through a series of stringent assessments. No, NCD is not transferable between different entities. policy conditions. If there is any delay in conducting the pre-repair inspection of the vehicle, the Court has the right to award compensation for the loss of use of the vehicle to the claimant. A home protection plan, exclusively designed to suit your needs. What is the Excess applicable if my motorcycle is driven by someone who is not named under my policy? If someone is injured, you will need to call the ambulance and police immediately. No, NCD is not transferrable to another person except to your spouse provided your spouse is taking a new motorcycle insurance policy with Income. This is a one-time transfer and is non reversible. Applicable to motorcycle: Only details of additional named driver - 1 driver only (Name, NRIC No., date of birth, driving experience, occupation - indoor/outdoor) 1 Delete where necessary GI/G610/MT/09/2009 NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Limited A Liberty Insurance motorbike policy doesn’t just give you good value. Your NCD will be further reduced by one level on top of any NCD reduction resulting from the claim made under your motorcycle insurance policy. Driving is not without risk or incidence, indeed, the roads we drive on today may be filled with danger and the unexpected may occur at any turn. We will look at all the evidences available for us before we make a decision. Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. Scenario 1 - You take up another motorcycle insurance policy with us within 90 days from the effective date of cancellation, Scenario 2 – You do not take up another motorcycle insurance policy with us, Take photos of the extent of damage for all vehicles involved in the accident, Exchange particulars with all drivers involved in the accident, Take down the particulars of all injured persons, if possible, and note the extent of injuries, Claim from the party who is liable for the accident directly, Claim under your policy provided you have purchased a Comprehensive coverage, Immediate commencement of repair and you only need to pay the Excess¹, Enjoy 12 months of warranty on the repair by Income Quality workshop, Less than three years old – We will use new genuine or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, Over three years old – Workshop will have the right to decide to repair the damaged parts, use reconditioned, Original Equipment Manufacturer or new parts, When you make a claim and we are unable to recover the claim cost from any party, When a third party makes a claim against you, Immediately on receipt of the notification of claim from the third party, Upon reaching a decision to settle the Third Party claim, Particulars of the vehicle owner and driver, Copies of the driver’s NRIC and driving license, This is only valid for payment made using your UOB, OCBC or DBS/POSB credit card. Your NCD is tied to you (the policyholder) and can only be applied to one vehicle at one time. For cases where they are not confident in claiming against the third party, they may advise you to claim against your own policy instead (under comprehensive cover only). After a motorcycle trip, Igor enjoys a break in a service station. NTUC Income Vehicle Insurance NTUC income provides coverage for your vehicle repairs and any sort of third party damages as well. The insurer is to conduct the inspection within two days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays), upon receiving the notification. What is the benefit of using Income Quality workshops as compared to the other workshops available in the market? How will my NCD be affected if I make a claim? Reimbursement of expenses incurred for vehicle repairs in the event of accident. What is my role if the other party is claiming against me? Our panel of Quality workshops provides high quality of repair and service to our customers as they follow strictly to the job scope that we provide for every repair. You can submit the request via our Online Endorsement portal. What happens if the accident occurs outside Singapore? However, we can help you to arrange for a tow truck upon request. If you are unsure of your decision at this juncture, we would advise you to proceed to any of our Accident Reporting Centres to make the report within 24 hours. September 20, 2020 | No Comments. Why is it important to make an accident report? The motor insurance policy refund is calculated based on the following conditions: Your motorcycle insurance policy refund is calculated as follows: If you cancel your policy before or after the effective date of your motorcycle insurance policy, we will charge a minimum premium of $26.75 (after GST). No. We also take into account the motorcycle's make, model and … What is the time-frame for me to report the accident? Visa cardholders. Fortunately, Igor has taken out motorcycle insurance with AXA. If you sell your vehicle, you may inform us to cancel your policy. The duty of an insurer is to reinstate / restore your damaged vehicle to its pre-accident condition. You can maintain a clean claim record by opting for a Private Settlement with the other party when you have a minor accident. We will pay the full payout amount to your finance company and they will settle the difference with you, if any. The vehicle must also be made available for photo-taking at the time of reporting. NTUC Income is Singapore's leading provider of Life, Health, Travel & Car Insurance as well as savings, investment and retirement plans. What can I do to retain my NCD for my next policy renewal if I have a minor accident? If the repair is poorly done, we will not be able to assist you. 7 outlets. Here’s how Motorcycle Insurance protects you. On returning to the parking space, he is stunned: The locked storage box has been broken into – and his motorcycle helmet and expensive leather jacket have both been stolen. When will a vehicle claim be settled on “Total Loss” basis? Your NCD will be further reduced by one level on top of any NCD reduction resulting from the claim made under your motorcycle insurance policy. On an exceptional basis, we may review your request if you have special supporting reasons to prove the need to backdate your motorcycle insurance policy cancellation. Can I add a Named rider midway of my policy term? You should make a report at the nearest police station. If I made a claim under my motorcycle insurance policy, am I still entitled to a cancellation refund? We also provide a wide range of optional covers. Yes, as long as the Credit Card is valid and is issued in your name. What should I do if I change my mind and decide to make a claim after submitting my online accident report? Choice of three plans and coverage based on your riding needs. What are the actions I need to take at the accident scene? You are required to pay the Excess¹ (subject to prevailing GST) applicable under the policy. The government announced that patients who buy new Integrated Shield Plan (“ISP”) Riders must make 5% co-payment, with an annual cap of $3,000. motorcycle for. You will not be entitled to a cancellation refund if there is a claim made under your motorcycle insurance policy. You need to provide the original letter from your motor insurer in your home country to us. How will I be informed if the other party makes a claim against me? Submit an accident report from our mobile app anytime, anywhere. Budget Direct Insurance offers motorcycle insurance premiums from as low as $150. If there is a Third Party claim against me, will I be updated on the status? You will need to lodge a police report and submit the theft report to us at any of the Income branches by the next working day. You can call your appointed Income Quality workshop to check on the progress. Once the claim is settled, we will recover the claim on your behalf from the party liable for the accident. You must also not shift your vehicle. Once the vehicle reaches Singapore, it will be towed to the nearest reporting centre for you to file an accident report. Alternatively, you can choose to keep the NCD with your existing vehicle and start earning the NCD for the newly purchased vehicle. You need to top up the difference in premium due to the NCD withdrawal. When will I receive my refund upon cancellation of my motorcycle insurance policy? It is our aim to make the cost of your motorcycle ownership as affordable as possible. What are some important information that I need to know if I wish to claim against a third party? ntuc motorcycle insurance quote. We will review and decide to accept / reject / grant the appropriate percentage of NCD. Yes. We will only pay out the claim after the investigation is completed. For such cases, please provide us with the supporting documents (E.g. If I submit my accident report online and the other party proceeds to submit a claim against me, will Income handle the claim? Features . No, you have to inform us to include you as the Primary rider of the policy. Footnotes. If you intend to use your motorcycle for business purposes, you should call NTUC on 6789 9595. expand_more. The police will need three months to complete their investigation. If towing is required, you may call Income hotline at 6788 6616 for assistance. Purchase 3-year Enhanced Home Insurance plan with the use of NTUC Income discount code and pay 20% less plus $40 CapitaVouchers or Google Home Mini worth up to $79. Make quick online changes to your Car and Motorcycle Insurance policy. You need to provide us with the following information: Minimum 4 photographs of your vehicle that shows the vehicle registration number and damages (if any). If no claim is submitted against you, your report will not affect your No-Claim Discount or premium. If my vehicle is repaired at Income Quality workshop instead of my preferred workshop, will the quality of the repair be compromised? We will inform the policyholder by a letter. You can choose to submit an online accident report only if you do not wish to make any claim under your policy or against the other party. You can report the accident at any of our appointed Accident Reporting Centres. I own multiple companies. If I include a Named rider in my motorcycle insurance policy, will my overall premium increase? I ride a. expand_more, expand_more. If you are insuring for a motorcycle, it will also provide insurance against, loss in any form and damages. How will I know whether my online accident report is successful? The premium of your motorcycle insurance policy is calculated based on the profiles of the Primary rider and the Named rider. If I have no intention of making any claim or my vehicle is not damaged, do I still have to report the accident? What if I declare a higher / lower NCD wrongly? I am not sure if the other party wants to make a claim against me. The driver involved in the accident must report personally, with a copy of his/her driving license, NRIC and the certificate of insurance to any Accident Reporting Centre. It also includes Orange Force. The accident report will provide us with the necessary information to handle all claims made against you for the accident. Your Motorcycle Insurance premium is based on a number of factors including driver profile which looks at your age, driving experience, No Claim Discount and the number of profile named on your policy. We’re here to assist every step of the way with our value-added services. Singapore's leading motorcycle insurer lets you drive with confidence. Can I revert to claim under my policy if the Third Party claim against the other insurer is unsuccessful? Social. For any other premium payment methods, Income or your agents will send you a refund cheque. Why do I need insurance if I ride a personal mobility device? You can send your vehicle back to the same workshop and we will ensure that they will repair your vehicle to your satisfaction. By submitting my request, I consent and agree to Income and its representative to collect, use and disclose my personal data for the purpose of contacting me via my contact information provided in the area(s) that I have indicated my interest. If the repair cost exceeds the Economical Repair Value, we will settle the claim on “Total Loss” basis. See if you could save on your motorcycle insurance premium by comparing motorbike quotes with MoneySuperMarket. Only the named rider declared in your motor insurance policy will be covered. How To Apply. Early saver promotion. we have stringent selection criteria for our Quality workshops. Everyday’s a good day for a bike ride, especially when you’ve got the perfect motorcycle cover. What is the information required to complete the online accident report? First of all, please make sure that nobody is injured. If you sell your existing vehicle and buy another one, you can transfer the NCD from the existing vehicle to the newly purchased vehicle. We encourage our policyholders to make the changes via our Online Endorsement portal to avoid paying the minimum administrative fee of $26.75 (inclusive of GST). Click here to download the Transfer No Claim Discount form. You should always go to an Income Quality workshop. About Motor Insurance. If we are convinced you are not at fault, we will contest the claim. Lifetime NCD guarantee, buy online today! What is the time frame for me to report the accident? You will have to pay the fee directly to the tow truck operator. If I am not at fault for the accident but make an own damage claim, will my NCD be affected? Be the first few to buy daily to enjoy 8% off! Yes, as long as your payment confirmation is successful. This would mean that you can continue to enjoy your current NCD and standard premium on your policy renewal. You will receive an SMS upon successful submission. We are only able to help you if you are able to produce convincing evidence to us. Your NCD will not be affected if we can recover the claim amount from the other party. Grab’s insurance arm, GrabInsure and NTUC Income (Income), jointly unveiled Southeast Asia’s first micro-insurance plan, Critical Illness: Pay Per Trip (“CIPPT”), in Singapore today. Application for 0% instalment payment plan by credit card. Information is correct as of 3 December 2020. Plus! Who must be present and what documents are required for the accident reporting? If you declare a lower NCD, we will refund you the difference in premium. We will ensure that the market value offered to you will enable you to purchase a similar vehicle from the resale market. The towing benefit is capped to an amount shown in the policy contract. What happens if one of the parties does not fulfil the requirement of the Protocol? What is the penalty if I fail to make a report of an accident to my insurance company? Other terms and conditions apply.Â. The most affordable insurance for motorcycle riders below 30 years old is offered by NTUC Income at 50% cheaper than the normal packages for 25-year-old bikers. S1234 567A. You will need to liaise with your previous insurer, and get them to update the GIA records. You must complete your accident reporting by the end of the next working day of the accident. Your NCD will be further penalised by one level on top of any NCD reduction resulting from the claim made under your motorcycle insurance policy. You can be assured that we have workshops with good workmanship and service attending to your damaged vehicle. What happens if I exceed the time frame for accident reporting? How long will Income Quality workshop take to repair my vehicle? Does this requirement delay the repair of the vehicle? Motorcycle Insurance. It comes with free 24/7 roadside assistance, discounts for safe riders and lots more. Your one-stop solution for accident reporting and reliable vehicle repairs. A windscreen excess of S$100 (or any other amount shown on the certificate of insurance) applies foreach and every claim under the following plans: Drivo TM Premium and Drivo TM Classic plan. get a quote in less than a minute. We will review the performance of these workshops annually for reappointment. Ride easy on the roads when you have broad and affordable coverage for your motorcycle. NTUC Income. What happens if I have more than one accident in a year? Please enter the last 4 characters of the ID number, e.g. I understand that I can refer to Income’s Privacy Policy for more information on the collection, use and disclosure of my personal data and manner of consent withdrawal. What is the benefit of a private settlement? Can I transfer my NCD to one of my Named riders under my policy so that he / she can enjoy a lower premium? The Economical Repair Value is the market value less Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF) & Certificate of Entitlement (COE) rebate. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. NTUC INCOME List of Reporting Centres 24-hour Hotline: 6788 6616 North Zone AMK Autopoint Pte Ltd Blk 10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 A #01-22 Ang Mo Kio Autopoint Singapore 568047 Tel: 6484 7928 Mon to Fri: 9.00am to 5.00pm Sat: 9.00am to 12.00pm Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays Chew Goon Motor Blk 10 Ang Mo Kio Ind Park 2 Ave 5 Please inform us once this is done. You can pay either via eNETS Direct Debit or Visa/MasterCard Credit Cards. Your dream life can come true with enough savings! Download the Income Insurance app for the latest rewards and deals, Group Personal Accident Insurance for Students, Group Insurance for Childcare Centres & Kindergartens, Group Personal Accident for Ministry of Education (MOE) Personnel, Loss or damage by fire or theft (up to market value at the time of loss or damage), Loss or damage by other insured causes (up to market value at the time of loss or damage), Damage to third party property (up to S$500,000), Death of or bodily injury to third party (unlimited), Vehicle repairs at a workshop chosen by NTUC Income, Policy excess as shown on the Schedule or Certificate of Insurance applies for each and every accident claim, Young and inexperienced motorcyclist excess (for vehicle registered under a company).

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